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Monday 2:00PM to 3:00PM

Room 221, Buidling 4, School of Life Sciences


Week Date Lecturer Topics Labs & Guides
1 Feb. 28 No class
2 March 7 Chaochun Wei Introduction to Omics Big Data Lecture materials: Labs:
3 March 14 Chaochun Wei
  • Chapter 1: Probability, Statistics and Information Theory
  • Chapter 2: Algorithm Complexity Analysis
  • Chapter 3: Dynamic Programming
Lecture materials: Homework2:
4 March 21 Chaochun Wei
  • Chapter 4: Sequence Comparison
  • Chapter 5: Sequencing technologies
Lecture materials: Homework3:
5 March 28 Chaochun Wei
  • Chapter 6: Hidden Markov Models
  • Chpater 7: Gene prediction
Lecture materials: Homework4:
6 April 4 Chaochun Wei
  • Chapter 8: Multiple sequence alignment
  • Chpater 9: Metagenomics
Lecture materials: Project 1:
18 Jun 25 - July 2
  • Final Exam
The final exam is here: A pdf version is also available here: Note: if you had downloaded the exam file before 15:20, June 25, 2018, you need to redownload it by clicking the link above. There was a typo in the previous version for question 5, which has been fixed.
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